Canning Landy & Co., Solicitors in Dublin is a full service Irish law firm. We act for individuals and small businesses in every legal forum. We provide expert, practical and cost effective solutions in every area of the law. With offices conveniently located in Dublin city centre.

The law firm was established in the 1980’s, and our approach is friendly, straightforward and extremely effective. We believe in listening carefully to our clients, to find out what they really want.

No matter what legal issue you encounter, you can be sure that we will handle it expertly, professionally and cost effectively. Our strong client relationships are built on mutual trust, mutual respect and on the absolute assurance that our clients interests come first.

We are straight talking jargon free solicitors that take care of all our clients’ legal business whether big or small, mediation or court case.

If you need legal advice or a solicitor to represent you or your business call us on 01 8746077 to make an appointment.


We have your best interests at heart and will make sure you have all the protection and safeguards in place when buying or selling your property. We also have expertise in dealing with…..

Family Law

Family law requires a special set of skills including negotiation and mediation. It is also essential to have knowledge and experience of the dynamics of family and relationships…..


We can’t emphasise enough the importance of making a will. The pain and hardship of probate can take its toll on a family so our recommendation is make a will early and update regularly when necessary…..

Estate Planning & Probate

After your death We help your family go through the difficult process of probate or take the burden from them and bring it to a close in a timely and considerate fashion so that your wishes are carried out…..

Personal Injuries

We work hard to defend your legal rights as an individual or business in most areas of the law. Some areas require a specialist and we will make appropriate reccomendations in these cases…..

Criminal Law

We believe that any client accused of a crime deserves a strong and robust defence. We carry out detailed research and investigations into every possible defense for each case and represent our clients…..