Family Law

Family law requires a special set of skills including negotiation and mediation. It is also essential to have knowledge and experience of the dynamics of family and relationships. Some of the areas in family law we cover are:
Custody of Children / Maintenance Orders / Domestic Violence / Barring Orders

These applications are generally dealt with in the District Court, we have wide experience of practising in this are. We offer a realistic approach to solving these issues. As in other areas of law we will advise to as to the likely outcome of your case, we will give you that information in a no nonsense way in normal language.

We are also on the legal aid board panel for Family Law matters in the District Court.


We understand that a marriage break up is an extremely emotional and stressful experience especially where children are involved. Family law is different from other areas of law, because of the very strong emotions involved. These emotions inevitability impact on the decision making process of the parties. Often the financial settlement is the easiest aspect of the break-up to resolve.

When marriage first breaks down many couples informally separate and live apart. Marital breakdown affects all areas of a person’s life, and most people go on to regulate matters between them in a formal legal way.

As family law solicitors our aim is to guide the parties through the process with as little stress as possible and to attempt to finalise the financial aspects of the matter without going to court. Where conflict is inevitable we have the resources to meet contentious cases head on and to fully defend and protect the interests of our clients. We operate with the utmost discretion, sensitivity and confidentiality.